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Start the new year strong!

I am providing people with healthy, yummy food options for the new year! Do you struggle with snacking? I have healthy options! Do you have trouble pooping? I have high-fibre treats for you to choose from! Do you want to lose weight? No problem! There is something for everyone! 

Reach out today and let's chat! I can help you reach those health-related new year's goals! Message me today to inquire about pricing or to place an order.

Vibrant health = proper nutrition + sSimple fitness + correct mindset

Vita-Mentality Wellness is all about the mental aspect of your health. You have to DECIDE what to eat. You have to DECIDE to be active. You have to DECIDE to be healthy, or else you are simply not going to be healthy. But the problem is that too many people do not know how to make these decisions so that they are ones that will BENEFIT their health and not hinder it. 

We need a change from this reality, and that's what Vita-Mentality is all about! We are working to educate the community about the parts of health that they maybe don't understand yet...
  • We teach people about the life and energetics of the plants that they consume every day
  • We teach people how to grow their own food in our gardening workshops
  • We teach people how to really connect with their bodies and selves in our meditation workshops
  • We teach people the movement patterns and breathing strategies that will make a profound impact on how they feel and function
  • We teach people how to heal and come away from whatever they are dealing with stronger, healthier and more vibrant than they ever dreamed!

Better health and well-being, a totally vibrant quality of life and everything you ever wanted are very possible! Join us as we show you how. 
Stay tuned for the complete list of upcoming programs! 

Holistic cooking classes

Cooking is one thing, but holistic cooking is different - truly holistic nutrition focuses on a more natural approach to a healthy diet and considers the individual as a whole, including all aspects of their lifestyle. This natural approach incorporates emotional, spiritual and physical health to create a state of well-being for optimum health at your core. 

In these fun and interactive classes, I teach you (usually through Zoom) how to cook one or more healthy recipes. I also share information throughout about the various health facts about the ingredients used and share new cooking techniques, flavour combinations or facts about food that you never knew. 

Garden Design

If you want help designing a functional garden for your property where you can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, edible flowers and more, this option is for you! We will work together to design a garden that will produce tasty, healthy food for you all growing season long! 

Gardening doesn't have to be limited to only the summer months! I can also teach you how to build gardens into your living space that will produce all year long. 

Get Your Zen On

We all need a little more "Omm....." Om is a very simple sound with a complex meaning. It is the whole universe coalesced into a single word, representing the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga..

Repeating or chanting the word "Om" can help one attain a state of greater peace or mental well-being. 

Every session (your choice of in-person or virtual) we share together starts with a Zen component. In these Zen sessions, you are led through a guided meditation (usually incorporating some low-impact, easy yoga stretches or tai-chi poses). The meditation focuses on helping balance out your chakras, which ultimately leads to improved health overall. 

Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learns 

Have a Certified Holistic Nutritionist come and speak to your whole business about topics that are relevant to you - anything from nutrient info, to fitness nutrition, to meal planning, to weight loss.  Our offerings include (but are not limited to) lunch and & learns, team-based wellness challenges, in-house nutrition coaching and wellness newsletters.

Food may be provided at an additional cost. 

Email me for more details!